ESTHER Switzerland will participate to the Geneva Health Forum, in particular to a session on Hospital cooperation, on Thursday April, 12th, 2018: ES2-2 : La coopération hospitalière internationale Nord-Sud : un nouveau modèle est-il en train d’être inventé ?
2nd ESTHER Switzerland Forum On June 15th, 2018, ESTHER Switzerland will organize the 2nd ESTHER Forum in Bern : to participate check our Forum page.
The new web page of the ESTHER Global Alliance is now online!



ESTHER Switzerland is a network of institutions that engages Swiss hospitals and other institutions in effective and sustainable North-South partnerships. ESTHER partnerships strengthen the capacity of the health workforce and institutions to provide quality health services for people in low and middle-income countries, with a focus on universal health care coverage and strengthening health services. ESTHER Switzerland promotes institutional health partnerships through knowledge generation, sharing best practice, collaboration, and advocacy. ESTHER Switzerland is an active member of the European ESTHER Alliance (EEA) and supports the EEA Secretariat.

ESTHER Switzerland is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Vision and values

ESTHER Switzerland shares the vision of the European ESTHER Alliance of a world in which advances and practices in health are shared equitably within and between countries, and where everyone has access to quality health services.

We subscribe to the values of equality, integrity, sustainability, solidarity, and reciprocity formulated by EEA:

  • Equality
    We foster mutual collaboration between partners, striving to work together on an equal basis
  • Integrity
    We aspire to earn the trust of our partners, clients, and other beneficiaries through transparent and ethical practices
  • Sustainability
    We work to develop long-term institutional and individual capacity through peer-to peer learning, education, operational research, and skills transfer
  • Solidarity
    We are united in working together in genuine partnership to address global health inequities
  • Reciprocity
    We learn from each other for mutual benefit and respect the different contributions partners make