A partnership to tackle women and mothers with pregnancy related diabetes in Tanzania


Luzerner Kantonsspital
Lugala Lutheran Hospital

Health system impact

Health Workforce: Six clinicians and nurses from Lugala spent 2 weeks at LUKS in Lucerne for capacity building on DM and GDM in order to work as diabetes specialists at LLH upon their return; During a 7-day training workshop on nutrition and life style 38 health professionals were trained as well as 19 trainers of trainers, who then conducted a 2-day workshop on awareness creation about health promoting nutrition and life style for all 42 Community Health Workers of Malinyi District, 28 Trainers of Community and 12 diabetes patients from villages. 15 health staff dealing with data at hospital and district level received a short course on “Data Management and Analysis in the Health Sector” improved service delivery and ability to diagnose and manage pregnant women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and other diabetes patients (spill-over effect) at Lugala Lutheran Hospital and the whole district of Malinyi through various training, exchange visits and awareness raising activities. This contributed to the establishment of an electronic general patient administration tool at LLH.

Governance: SolidarMed organized in December 2018 a GDM symposium in Ifakara using the results of this partnership. Participants of a policy dialogue symposium concluded that at the current situation in rural areas, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus measurements could be reduced to a one-off routine glucose measurement using capillary blood between the 24th and the 28th week of gestation with similar diagnostic accuracy but much less expenditure. Thus, the symposium had a clear impact on informing policy.

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