ESTHER Switzerland coordinates healthcare partnerships between organisations in Switzerland and low- and middle-income countries

ESTHER Switzerland regards long-term international collaboration as an opportunity for healthcare institutions to share best practices and learn from each other.

ESTHER brings many benefits to its partners, both locally and internationally. LMIC’s gain experience in health service management and develop clinical and leadership skills. Partners from Switzerland learn to work in more resource efficient ways and learn about healthcare issues, which they normally do not encounter at home. Both partners contribute to implementation research from which both Switzerland and partner countries may benefit.

A distinct difference between ESTHER-funded partnerships and more traditional development projects is that ESTHER breaks down conventional roles and power structures in favour of peer-to-peer partnerships, which enable collaborative needs assessment, shared accountability and mutual learning. ESTHER Switzerland applies the approach developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) called the Twinning Partnerships for Improvement (TPI) initiative. ESTHER Switzerland is the only official partner of WHO of this programme in Switzerland.

Through ESTHER, long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration between healthcare institutions is made possible, contributing to the goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Our Vision

A world where international cooperation in health is governed by the desire to reach mutual benefits, through bi-directional flows of knowledge and expertise, generating improved access to quality health services, leaving no one behind.

Our Mission

To contribute to Health System Strengthening and improved population health through the promotion and support of long-term, equal, reciprocal and mutually beneficial partnerships between health institutions in Switzerland and in low- and middle-income countries.