What we do

Our strategy

ESTHER Switzerland supports institutional health partnerships between Switzerland and partners in low- and middle income countries through two types of grants.

Partnership project grants

An ESTHER Switzerland partnership project grant is a financial contribution to support the activities of an ESTHER partnership that is in line with the EEA Strategic Framework 2015-2020. The maximum amount for a Project grant is CHF 100’000. There is not restriction in terms of health topics or geographic area, though the partner country must be a low-or middle-income country.

Start-up Grants

An ESTHER start-up grant aims to facilitate the assessment of the potential and feasibility of a new partnership, and the writing of a proposal for an ESTHER partnership project grant. They should be in line with the EEA Strategic Framework 2015-2020. Start-up grants support initiatives to assess new partnership projects that could lead to new projects within the scope of the ESTHER programme. The maximum amount for a Start-up grant is CHF 10’000.


Our Values

ESTHER Switzerland was developed in the spirit of partnerships and equity. In line with the World Health Organization’s Twinning Partnerships for Improvement, the basis of ESTHER projects is partnership building. The first objective of an ESTHER project should therefore be strong bi-directional partnership building between health institutions. Building on this, effective interventions based on needs identified in a collaborative way at the service delivery level should be determined. Learning and experience should then be spread within the local and national health system and beyond, for example through input in policy-dialogue. These values are reflected in the Project Proposal Evaluation Criteria.

ESTHER Switzerland subscribes to the values of equality, integrity, sustainability, solidarity, and reciprocity formulated by the European ESTHER Alliance:

  • Equality
    We foster mutual collaboration between partners, striving to work together on an equal basis
  • Integrity
    We aspire to earn the trust of our partners, clients, and other beneficiaries through transparent and ethical practices
  • Sustainability
    We work to develop long-term institutional and individual capacity through peer-to peer learning, education, operational research, and skills transfer
  • Solidarity
    We are united in working together in genuine partnership to address global health inequities
  • Reciprocity
    We learn from each other for mutual benefit and respect the different contributions partners make