Care for HIV-infected mothers and their infants in a rural district of Tanzania


Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Ifakara Health Institute

Health system impact

Health Workforce: 12,000 pregnant women were reached, and an HIV testing rate of 98% achieved; 625 HIV‐exposed infants in the Kilombero district were tested, and test results at arrived at the health centers after a median of 2 weeks. In case of positive results, families were contacted in order to start antiretroviral treatment with the infant as soon as possible.

Governance: A good collaboration between District governmental authorities and implementors of the global HIV programs was established leading to increased collaboration between governmental institutions and non‐governmental organizations not only on a national but also on a local level: sharing of activities such as sample transport, training activities and result transmission. Ifakara Health Institute has become an official partner of the government for viral load testing for the 3 districts in the valley ensuring timely result delivery to the patient/clinician and via a direct electronic reporting system to governmental authorities.

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