Esther Label

Partnership quality and principles

ESTHER Switzerland’s main activity involves twinning Swiss hospitals, universities, laboratories, and research institutions with partners in the South. ESTHER Switzerland will support North-South partnerships to strengthen individual and institutional capacities, reduce North/South inequalities in health, and improve quality health care in low-income countries. Partnerships will be guided by the ESTHER Charter for Quality of Partnerships and characterized by:

  • Adherence to national policies and strategies
  • Developing formal agreements between twinned institutions
  • Fostering equal involvement of partner institutions in project development and implementation
  • Equal accountability for outcomes
  • A commitment of both partners to sustainable interventions
  • Equity and respect with no hierarchical relation between North and South institutions
  • Transparency through declaration of conflicts of interest and regular narrative and financial reporting
  • Adherence to ethical principles, including clearance of data collected for research purposes by the responsible Ethics Committees or Institutional Review Boards