Promoting comprehensive cervical cancer prevention and better women health


Ministère de la Santé Publique du Cameroun
Hôpital de District de Dschang
Hôpital de District de Mfou

Health system impact

Health workforce: 30 health staff were successfully trained through e-learning and practical training on HPV and Cervical cancer screening. In addition, midwifes were trained by doctors to photograph the cervix during the exam and analyze pictures to make a treatment decision.

Service delivery: 980 women screened for Cervical cancer. Women who tested HPV positive were all able to benefit from the planned management, i.e. a gynecological examination; women with gynecological infections were treated before screening.

Scientific Publications

Publication: Scaling up community-based cervical cancer screening in Cameroon employing a single visit approach, by Damien Grohar, Geneva, Switzerland; Pierre Vassilakos, Geneva, Switzerland; Khadidja Benkortbi, Geneva, Switzerland; Evelyn Tincho, Dschang, Cameroon; Bruno Kenfack, Dschang, Cameroon and Patrick Petignat, Geneva, Switzerland

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