New Grants

ESTHER Switzerland Call for Proposals 2020

ESTHER Switzerland is opening a new call for proposals. On the column to the right, you will find all relevant documents for the proposals (full Grant and Start-Up).

Deadline for submission of Proposals is: February 28th, 2020, at midnight, CET.

Prior to sending your application, we kindly ask you to send an email to the ESTHER Switzerland Secretariat, informing us that you are interested in submitting a proposal, mentioning 1- full coordinates of the contact person, 2 – name of the principal Swiss institution, 3 – the country and preliminary title and topic of your project. You will then receive a grant application number, which we kindly ask you to mention on all forms that you will be submitting. In order to apply, the first partner should be a Swiss institution. Proposal with no Swiss institution mentioned will not be considered.

ESTHER Switzerland Grants Programme:

The grants support two types of partnership, ESTHER partnership project grants and ESTHER start-up grants. Both types of grants are available to institutional health partnerships that include at least one health institution in Switzerland (preference is given to hospitals, universities and research institutions) and at least one health institution in a low or middle-income country.

  1. Partnership project grants

An ESTHER Switzerland partnership project grant is a financial contribution to support the activities of an ESTHER partnership that is in line with the EEA Strategic Framework 2015-2020. The maximum amount for a Project grant is CHF 100’000. There is not restriction in terms of health topics or geographic area (but they should be in LMIC).

  1. Start-up grants

An ESTHER start-up grant aims to facilitate the assessment of the potential and feasibility of a new partnership, and the writing of a proposal for an ESTHER partnership project grant. They should be in line with the EEA Strategic Framework 2015-2020. Start-up grants support initiatives to assess new partnership projects that could lead to new projects within the scope of the ESTHER programme. The maximum amount for a Start-up grant is CHF 10’000.

Selection of the proposals: The ESTHER Secretariat will do a formal check of the proposals. All eligible and technically complete grant proposals will be sent to three independent, external reviewers who will assess them. Reviewers will write their recommendation to the ESTHER Switzerland Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will make a decision to approve or reject each proposal based quality of the project proposal and funding availability. In order to ensure a fair selection process, whenever a member of the Steering Committee is involved with the institution submitting a proposal (even if he or she is not directly involved with the proposal itself), the members do not take part in the selection process and do not vote on the project. A proposal aiming at financing an existing project, even partially, will not be considered. Research projects (e.g., cohort studies) are outside the scope of the present call.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch: