The transfer of know-how and innovation between hospitals, primary care, research institutes and NGOs is an important pillar of cooperation

ESTHER Switzerland provides institutional health partnerships (IHPs) with technical support mainly through webinars and through our newsletter.

The purpose of the webinars is to raise awareness about how to benefit most from IHPs and to strengthen partnerships that truly reflect our values. Many events are organised with or by other members of the ESTHER Alliance.

Planned events

The ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships has launched a webinar series that focuses on the learning drawn from the Institutional Health Partnership model. Every webinar will host speakers from diverse geographical and professional backgrounds to exchange expertise and knowledge on health partnerships’ evidence and case studies. The series targets individuals, healthcare professionals and organisations that work and are interested in health partnerships.

Events will take place on the last Friday of every second month at 14:00 CEST (12:00 GMT). Except for the December’s webinar, which will take place on the third Friday of the month.

Power of partnership: solidarity in the shadow of Covid on 7th-8th and 11th-12th October 2021

The biggest Health Partnership conference in the UK, THET’s conference is set to explore the Power of Partnership: Solidarity in the Shadow of COVID.

From unequal vaccine coverage to ‘gut-punches’ to the worlds’ poorest communities, the last year has been characterised by growing inequalities and national priorities. Yet in the midst of many of the world turning inwards, the Health Partnership community have once again demonstrated their unwavering dedication to colleagues and health systems around the world. The commitment shown by health and care workers over the last year has led to applause on doorsteps, social media campaigns and unprecedented fundraising and it is now time to turn that appreciation into action!

THET’s 2021 Annual Conference will explore the resilience and solidarity shown in this International Year of the Health and Care Worker. Characterised by unbreakable bonds of friendship and trust, the Health Partnership community has responded triumphantly to these colossal strains and the Conference is a moment to celebrate this beating heart.

THET is the UK partner in the ESTHER Alliance. To find out more and register to attend please click here

Health Partnership Webinar Series on 29th October

This event will be hosted by the ESTHER Alliance and led by ESTHER Germany. Details will be published as soon as they are available.

Please register for this event here.

Health Partnership Webinar Series on 17th December

This event will be hosted by the ESTHER Alliance and led by the AGHP, USA. Details will be published as soon as they are available.

Please register for this event here.

Past events

International Conference on Laparoscopic surgery using spinal anesthesia in gynecology during Covid-19 period on 3rd June 2021

The ESTHER Switzerland Start-up partnership between the University and Cantonal Hospital of Fribourg (Switzerland) and the Urgench branch of Tashkent Medical Academy (Uzbekistan) held a conference on 3rd June 2021 about Laparoscopic surgery using spinal anesthesia in gynecology during Covid-19 period. Please find further information here.

Health Partnership Perspectives Webinar Series: Webinar on April 30th 2021

The ESTHER Alliance for Global Health Partnerships has launched a new webinar series that focuses on the learning drawn from the Institutional Health Partnership model.

The first webinar of the series was held on 30 April 2021, and looked at Evaluating Institutional Health Partnerships, in particular using the Alliance EFFECt tool. You can watch the Webinar here.

In this webinar the speakers discussed:

  • Why should we evaluate Institutional partnerships?
  • How can we make the most of the results of such an evaluation?
  • Lessons learnt from the partnerships’ evaluation processes.


  • Dr Vicki Doyle, Director of Capacity Development International
  • Ahmed Razavi, Consultant in global public health and the Africa portfolio lead for the IHR Strengthening Project at Public Health England
  • David Weakliam, Global Health Programme Director in the Health Service Executive in Ireland

Following the webinar there was an informal discussion for those who wished to ask practical questions about the EFFECt Tool

Data Anonymisation Workshop Thursday, 29th April 2021, via Zoom 

1100-1600 Central Africa Time (CAT) 

This workshop was conducted as part of a Start-up project funded by ESTHER Switzerland aimed at reviewing and improving data anonymisation in the Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit (MEIRU) shared data in partnership with Dr Templ Matthias from  the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

The workshop was dedicated to researchers and practitioners from Malawi and MEIRU in Malawi and related institutions in Africa. The workshop will both introduce anonymization methods and be focused on our project cases. Due to time constraints we will not discuss special questions around data anonymization for other data sets and research areas during the workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to:

  • To give provide an overview on data anonymisation techniques 
  • Application of these to cross-sectional data collected in HDSS 
  • Discuss possible approaches to anonymisation of longitudinal population studies data.
  • General considerations on data anonymization 
  • Brief introduction to selected anonymization methods
  • Disclosure risk versus data utility
  • Case study using cross-sectional data
  • Problems and possibilities for longitudinal health surveillance data
  • Optional: Brief overview on alternative approaches (synthetic data, differential privacy, etc.)
  • Discussion

COVID Partnerships in the WHO Year of the Health Worker: Protect. Invest. Together.

March 19th 2021

This event was the second COVID Partnerships conference organized in partnership between the ESTHER Alliance and THET, and with the support of WHO. Participants reflected on what had been achieved by the Health Partnership community since our Partnerships in a time of COVID conference in April 2020 ( They also looked to the future, recognizing the immense pressure that is now falling on health workers in every country.

Given the increases in infections and the slow pace of vaccination campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa observed since the start of 2021, it was important to look at how the Health Partnership community is pulling together, when solidarity is more important than ever.

A detailed report of this conference will be published shortly.

ESTHER Alliance/WHO webinar Live Web Event: Improving Health Service Quality through Health Partnerships

December 2nd 2020

“Partnerships in a time of COVID-19”: Online-Conference of the THET and the ESTHER Alliance

April 25th 2020

2nd ESTHER Switzerland Forum, June 15th, 2018, Bern

On June 15th, 2018, ESTHER Switzerland organized the 2nd ESTHER Forum in Bern with more than 60 ESTHER partners.

Here you can access the programme of the Forum and the report

General presentation of the 2nd ESTHER Switzerland Forum

SDC and ESTHER, by Jacques Mader (SDC)

ESTHER Switzerland: the importance of institutional health partnerships, by Prof. Dr. Matthias Egger (ISPM)

ESTHER Alliance: present and future activities, by David Weakliam, ESTHER Global Alliance for health partnerships

ESTHER Switzerland Projects: what works and what not? Panel discussion, Moderation: L. Ruggia (ISPM)

The Forum followed a 2 day meeting of the ESTHER Alliance: ESTHER Switzerland hosted a Europe-wide meeting of ESTHER Alliance members and interested organisations and individuals in Bern from the 13th – 15th June 2018. These events represented an invaluable opportunity for all ESTHER stakeholders to feed back into the programme, share ideas, knowledge and experiences, and help chart a roadmap for the future of institutional health partnerships. A report of the conference can be accessed here (reported by ESTHER Ireland).

1st ESTHER Switzerland Forum, 2017

On Oct. 27th, 2017, we organized the 1st ESTHER Switzerland Forum. The Forum was an occasion to bring together the various ESTHER partners currently implementing institutional health partnerships.

The Forum’s report is available here.