ESTHER Switzerland awards grants that fund long-term Institutional Health Partnerships between organisations in Switzerland and in low- and middle-income countries.

The focus is on Health System Strengthening. There are no restrictions in terms of health topics or geographical area.

There are two types of grants: start-up grants and partnership grants. Start-up grants help explore the feasibility of new partnerships. If their value is proven, they can apply for a grant to support a larger, long-term initiative. Grant applications are evaluated and selected through a competitive tendering process. After selection, partnerships are also evaluated during implementation according to clearly defined criteria. On completion, we ask our partners to assess their partnerships using an ESTHER-specific evaluation tool, called EFFECt.

Apply for a grant

Grants applications can be submitted annually. The next call will be announced in 2021, and the application documents will be made available on this website for download. Information about the vision, mission and objectives of ESTHER Switzerland are available on our website. Only complete proposals that share ESTHER Switzerland’s values and objectives, will be considered for funding. Most importantly, only existing long-term partnerships can apply for full grants. New initiatives are invited to apply for a start-up grant. After the submission deadline, applicants will be informed of the grant decision within 8-12 weeks. There is no facility for appeal in case of disagreement with the decision. A short summary of the Steering Committee assessment and decision is available on request.

Start-up grants

ESTHER start-up grants aim to facilitate the assessment of the potential and feasibility of a new partnership. Start-up grants support initiatives to assess new partnerships that could lead to long-term partnerships within the scope of the ESTHER programme. The maximum amount for a start-up grant is CHF 10’000.

Partnership grants

ESTHER Switzerland partnership grants are a financial contribution to support the activities of a long-term ESTHER partnership. The maximum amount for a Partnership grant is CHF 100’000. There are no restrictions in terms of health topics or geographic area, except that the partnership must be between Switzerland and a low-or middle-income country and that there must already be a partnership history.

Selection of the proposals

The ESTHER Secretariat makes a formal check of the proposals. All eligible and technically complete grant proposals will be reviewed by the ESTHER Switzerland Steering Committee and external reviewers. The final decision will be made by the Steering Committee, who will approve or reject each proposal based on the quality of the partnership proposal and funding availability. In order to ensure a fair selection process, should a member of the Steering Committee be involved with the institution submitting a proposal (even if he or she is not directly involved with the proposal itself), the member will not take part in the selection process and will not vote on the proposal. A project proposal aiming to fund ongoing work, even partially, will not be considered.